Hey! Marzia here, a food photographer and recipe developer based in Klagenfurt, Austria, but with Italian roots. Cooking has been my thing since forever - from kitchen experiments as a kid to exploring cuisines from around the world. -And yes, I am one of those peopke who doesn't mind pineapple on pizza 😉.
Off-duty, you'll find me sipping tea or coffee, taking my cat out for a walk or browsing vintage shops.
When it comes to my work, I'm all about capturing the beauty of food in all its forms and shapes. Whether it's a simple tomato or a decadent chocolate cake, I bring out food magic through my lens.
If you are looking to tell your very own brand story , I'm here to help!
Through my passion for food and storytelling, I help like-minded companies highlight their products and their values and tell their story through recipes and photographs.

I was shortlisted twice in Pink Lady Food Photography Competition:
- 2021 in the category "Spayne Lindsay On The Phone"
- 2022 in the category "Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture"
Furthermore, I won the Nigella Lawson's Cookalong in January 2019 and one of my photos was selected for the "Kunstausstellung der Kärntner Berufsfotografen 2023" (photo exhibition of Carithia`s photographers).

I have created content for:
VIVANI Chocolate
Bäckerei Wienerroither
A-Tasche Mit Herz
Nordic Tales
.....and more

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