Hey! Marzia here, a food photographer and recipe developer based in Klagenfurt, Austria, but with Italian roots. Cooking has been my thing since forever - from kitchen experiments as a kid to exploring cuisines from around the world. -And yes, I am one of those people who doesn't mind pineapple on pizza 😉
Off-duty, you'll find me sipping tea or coffee (I never leave the house in the morning without a cup of tea AND a cup of coffee!), taking my cat out for a walk or browsing vintage shops.
When it comes to my work, I'm all about capturing the beauty of food in all its forms and shapes. Whether it's a simple tomato or a decadent chocolate cake, I bring out food magic through my lens.
If you are looking to tell your very own brand story, I'm here to help.
Through my passion for food and storytelling, I help like-minded companies highlight their products and their values and tell their story through recipes and photographs. Check out my range of services below, book a discovery call and let's write your food story together!

Do you have a project in mind and you are on the lookout for a food photographer? 
You can reach me at marzia@marziabalza.com or by using the contact form below
Ready to take your brand to the next level?  I've got you covered.
I get it - in the world of food and hospitality, visual storytelling is everything. That's where I come in. With my skills and passion for capturing tasty treats, I'm here to help you share your vision and captivate your audience.
Let's work together to elevate your brand and create visuals that leave a lasting impression. Trust me to turn your products and culinary creations into mouthwatering masterpieces.
Get in touch today, and let's bring your culinary dreams to life!
What I offer:
Food Photography
Video recipes
Recipe Development
Restaurant Photography

Are you ready to create magical food stories together? 

Clients include:
Emmi Österreich
VIVANI Chocolate
Bäckerei Wienerroither
A-Tasche Mit Herz
Nordic Tales
.....and more

I was shortlisted twice in Pink Lady Food Photography Competition:
- 2021 in the category "Spayne Lindsay On The Phone"
- 2022 in the category "Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture"
Furthermore, I won the Nigella Lawson's Cookalong in January 2019 and one of my photos was selected for the "Kunstausstellung der Kärntner Berufsfotografen 2023" (photo exhibition of Carithia`s photographers).
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