Hello! Welcome to my site, it’s great to have you here 😊
My name is Marzia, I am a food photographer and recipe developer based in Klagenfurt, Austria. I am originally Italian and – warning: incoming cliché statement - cooking and food in general has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have been living and working in an international environment for many years now and the parallel logical step was to transfer all these influences in the kitchen, trying out food from all over the world and get immersed in the magical world of exciting flavour combinations – which includes but does not limit to pineapple on pizza 😉.
I live for food and food stories, from here and from the wide world. I am curious and open-minded. I am never too serious and I am always ready for a good laugh and good times. I am obsessed with coffee and cats. I love to spot and create beauty and capture it with my camera.
For my recipes I use organic and local ingredients, I value the story behind classic recipes, but I like to experiment and give my own twist to create something new and exciting, but easy to make at the same time.
Through my passion for food and storytelling, I help like-minded companies to highlight their products, their values and tell their story through recipes and photographs.
I was shortlisted twice in Pink Lady Food Photography Competition:
- 2021 in the category "Spayne Lindsay On The Phone"
- 2022 in the category "Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture"
Furthermore, I won the Nigella Lawson's Cookalong in January 2019 and one of my photos was selected for the "Kunstausstellung der Kärntner Berufsfotografen 2023" (photo exhibition of Carithia`s photographers).

I have created content for:
VIVANI Chocolate
Bäckerei Wienerroither
A-Tasche Mit Herz
Nordic Tales
.....and more

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